Director: Zhang Wei
Year: 2017
Duration: 100′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre: Drama


“Ballad from Tibet” is a story about a group of Tibetan kids embarking on an odyssey, each for a different reason. Thumpten, with one eye partially working and the other one completely dark. Droma, a beautiful weaving girl, wants to prove to her granny that she is more tan a weaver by getting into a TV show. Sonam, a blind masseur, is fed up with his boring job. Kalsang, the youngest of them, simply follows the others because it sounds terribly fun. With the help of a nomad family, a fleet of bikers, and a TV producer, the band marches to the metropolitan of Shenzhen. Their goa lis to sing for everyone through the TV network.

Director’s Biography

Zhang Weiwas born in Hunan Province of China and he studied Directing at the Beijing Film Academy as well as Cinema Studies at the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He has directed five features films including “Beijing Dream” (2010) and “Shadow Puppet Show of one Person” (2011). “Ballad from Tibet” is this fifth feature film and won the Best Children’s Feature at the Chinese International Children’s Film Festival in November 2017. Wei’s works are known for depiciting the actual living conditions of marginalized groups in the Chinese society and rendering reality as real as reality itself with a narrative of simplicity. A typical Zhang Wei film is recognizable by its innate humane touch, shedding light on overlooked issues of the society through the telling of what seems like stores of everyday people, provoking thoughts in the audience about emerging yet unnoticed problems during the rapid development of China.

Festivals and Awards

Toronto International Film Festival 2018
FilmFest Hamburg 2017


Saturday 10th Nov