Hong Kong



Director: Ann Hui
Year: 2017
Duration: 130′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama, War


1941. Hong Kong is under Japanese occupation. During the three-year-and-eight-month occupation, the Japanese military pillaged homes and arrested cultural figures living in Hong Kong. The anti-Japanese Dongjiang guerilla unit is tasked with rescuing these cultural figures and extracting them from the besieged city. The occupation transformed Hong Kong from a prosperous city into a barren land with no food or water. Primary school teacher, Fang Lan (Zhou Xun) and her mother (Deanie Ip) are trying to live out this difficult period in a small run-down flat in Wanchai. After the schools are shut down, Lan – who recently broke up with Wing (Wallace Huo Chienhwa) – unwittingly finds herself embroiled in the guerillas’ mission to save novelist Mao Dun. In the process, she meets Blackie Lau (Eddie Peng), the intrepid sharpshooter captain of the guerillas’ Urban and Firearms unit. Taking notice of Lan’s calm, intelligent nature, Blackie recruits her to join the guerillas. Lan sets up a secret liaison point for the guerillas in the city, stealthily delivering intelligence and extracting artists from the city under the watchful eyes of the Japanese military. Worried for her daughter’s safety, Lan’s mother volunteers to take Lan’s place as a courier, only to be arrested on the job. To save her mother, Lan is forced to turn to Wing, who now works for the Japanese.

Director’s Biography

From Summer Snow, The Postmodern Life of My Aunt and The Way We Are to A Simple Life and The Golden Era, Ann Hui has always excelled in making films that portray women. Each of her film has earned accolades and acclaim from around the globe, and she has helped countless actresses land on the award stage. Her latest film – Our Time Will Come – is based on real characters and real incidents from the pages of history. Whenever Ann Hui makes a film, she attracts some of the best actors around for her cast, and this film is no exception. In addition to iconic award-winning actress Zhou Xun, Nina Paw and Deanie Ip each hold two best actress awards. Tony Leung has won the best actor prize from the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Hong Kong Film Critics Society and the Golden Horse Awards. Up-and-coming actress Jessie Li already has two Hong Kong Film Awards under her belt. Even singer-songwriter Ivana Wong is a two-time Hong Kong Film Award-winng actress. Seasoned actors such as Kingdom Yuen, Candy Lo, Leila Tong, Ray Lui, Sam Lee, Eddie Cheung and Stanley Fung are also in the cast, playing everyday people fighting to survive in wartorn Hong Kong. These great actors make every character in the film memorably come alive.

Festivals and Awards

2018: Beijin College Student Film Festival – Best Actress
2018: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Film
2018: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Director
2018: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress
2018: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Art Direction
2018: Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Original Film Score
2018: Asian Film Awards – Best Original Music
2017: Golden Screen Awards – Best Supporting Actress


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