Wisdom Tooth



Director: Liang Ming
Year: 2019
Duration: 104′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

Gu Xi is about to lose his job due to his precarious situation as an immigrant. His brother, Guliang, also sees his job as a fishmonger threatened when an offshore oil spill contaminates his supply. He has no choice but to take up a new job as a security guard. Gualing falls in love with Qingchang, a young woman who has returned home to live with her father who works for the Mafia. She decides to offer him a room in the flat she shares with her sister, and Gu Xi begins to feel jealous, until her relationship with her brother deteriorates.

Liang Ming was born in 1984 and studied Performing Arts, participating in several films as an assistant director. Tooth of Wisdom is his first feature film as a director. With this production he won the IFF Project Award at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival and the BIFF Project Award at the 8th Beijing International Film Festival.


6th – 22nd of November