Director: Kamal Tabrizi
Year: 2018
Duration: 90′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama

Ghodrat Allah Samadi’s ambition is to become a member of parliament. However, he is known for his arbitrary decision-making, which has not favour him. He decides to negotiate with fundamentalist parties, but no one takes him seriously. His life is turned upside down when, because of his reputation, a reformist party tries to include his name in the list of candidates for the parliamentary elections. When the Guardian Council disqualifies him, he takes illegal actions that will push him to flee to Turkey, where he will join the Monarchist Party.

Kamal Tabrizi is internationally known for Maternal Love, which won awards at the Berlin, Cairo, Montreal, Zlin and Seoul festivals. He began his film career as a film director, screenwriter, editor and director of short films in 1979. He directed his first feature film, The Passage, in 1988, but Leily is with launched him as a successful filmmaker on the national scene. His innovative project The Lizzard was a national box office success and received the Audience Award at the Fajr Festival, as well as the Best Asian Film Award at the 2004 Montreal Festival.


Friday, 4 of December