Hearts and Bones



Director: Ben Lawrence
Year: 2020
Duration: 91′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama

Daniel Fisher is a well-known war photographer who decides to return home as soon as he learns of his wife’s pregnancy. However, he is not prepared to let fatherhood keep him from his work, so he decides to continue working on an exhibition project. As the birth of his son approaches, Daniel will struggle to keep the post-traumatic stress generated by keeping his work a secret. The story expands with the appearance of Sebastian Aman, a Sudanese refugee who has managed to make a comfortable life in Australia with his wife and child. But Daniel’s exhibition about a massacre in his village 15 years ago threatens his well-being. He decides to ask him not to show images of the massacre in his country, and, consequently, their friendship blooms. However, it will challenge Daniel’s control over what he does and reveals secrets from Sebastian’s past.

Ben Lawrence is an internationally recognized film director and photographer. His short films have been screened at different festivals such as Edinburgh, Clermont-Ferrand, Los Angeles, San Gio and Sao Paulo. In 2018 he launched the documentary Ghosthunter, which was also screened in different parts of the world and was nominated for the prestigious Illuminate Award at the Shieffield Film Festival, and for Best Australian Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival.


Saturday, 5 December