Ghasam (The Oath)



Director: Mohsen Tanabandeh
Year: 2020
Duration: 84′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama

Rezvan has been killed and her murder is unsolved, until her family wants to know what has happened and pushed the investigation forward. Her sister Razieh travels by bus with family and friends from Gorgan to Mashhad to testify against her husband. However, along the way, things happen that raise doubts and call into question the initial decision.

Mohsen Tanabandeh is an actor, director and screenwriter for both film and television. He studied acting at the School of Art and Architecture, and started to act in the theatre in 1992. He also appeared as an actor in his first film in 2001. But, he is really known for his latest works, Ghasam (2019), Ferrari (2017) and Rona, Madar-e Azim (2018), in which he demonstrates his professional experience.


Saturday 5 of December