Taiko Film | Healing Beats

Friday 5th of April 2019, at 20h

Taikofilm is a documentary directed by Iván Muñoz Ureta, whose aim is to introduce the spectator into the surprising world of taiko through renowned group and solo performances. He also draws upon interviews with some of its performers so taht we can get to know about its origins, its expansion and its capability to transmit diverse emotions. It is about stimulating the desire to explore taiko not only as a musical instrument, but also as an artistic discipline, a philosophy of life and as a culture. This apparently limited instrument manages to connect all those people around the world that make its discovery. This documentary will be presented by its author along with a live demosntration by Chieko Kokima. Casa Asia collaborates with Cinemes Girona of Barcelona, Begin Again, Cines Golem of Madrid and Cine Golem of Pamplona.


Iván Muñoz ureta was born in Pamplona in 1976. After taking up various courses and workshops in navarra and Guipúzcoa, he moved to Madrid where he studied scriptwriting and cinematography. He has worked as an extras coordinator, casting asistant, first and second assistant to the director and as a cinematographer. His love for music since his childhood led him to discover taiko in 1996 and, since 2000; he is one of the greatest scholars of this artistic discipline. His short film Taiko: Inochi no Kodo (2011) was selected in many festivals around the world. TAIKOFILM: HEALING BEATS is his first feature film.




Presentation and screening in the presence of the director Iván Muñoz Ureta and

Menene Gras Balaguer, Culture and Exhibitions Director at Casa Asia +

Live Taiko demonstration by Chieko Kokima


Cinemes Girona · C/ Girona, 175, 08025 Barcelona

Ticket price: 10 € | Cinemes Girona’s subscribers and partners tiket price: 9 €