Director: Feng Xiaogang
Year: 2017
Duration: 135′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre: Drama


The film chronicles the lives of a group of idealistic adolescents in a military art troupe in the People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution. They experience love, lust, betrayal, and sufferings in the background of Mao-era songs and dances. The two key characters, Feng Liu and Xiaoping He, also participate in the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979 and become heroes for their act of courage. After the war, they are honorably discharged from the Army but struggle to make ends meet in the Reform-era China while they learn lessons from soul-crashing experiences of love, lust, betrayal, and heartbreak.

Director’s Biography

Feng Xiaogang, the son of a college professor and a factory nurse, joined the Beijing Military Region Art Troupe as a stage designer after high school. He began his cinema career as an art designer in the Beijing Television Art Center in 1985. Later, he moved on to write screenplays. During this period, he worked closely with director Zheng Xiaolong and writer Wang Shuo. In the late 1990s, Xiaogang established himself in a Chinese genre called “Hesui Pian (贺岁片)”, or “New Year’s Celebration Films.” He became famous as the director of the movie “The Dream Factory” (1997). In recent years, he has transitioned from solely making comedies to directing drama movies. He married actress Xu Fan in 1999.

Festivals and Awards

Asian Film Awards 2018 | Best Film and Best Director
Beijing Student Film Festival 2018 | Jury Award | Best Director


Saturday 10th Nov