Hong Kong


Director: Benny Lau
Year: 2018
Duration: 95′
Language: Original Version – Catalan Subtitles
Genre: Drama


In 1992, a heavy rainstorm caused massive power outage in Hong Kong. At that night, two young astrology enthusiasts, Moon and Sun, met under the starry night by the seaside. When their affection to each other grew, Sun was admitted into a boarding school and would move to another country in a few months under his father’s plan. Like the sun and moon, the couple could hardly see each other despite that they were living in the same city, but their love endured amidst the separation and opposition from Moon’s mother. Overcoming the challenges from teachers, friends and family, time has come for Sun to depart…

Director’s Biography

Benny Lauhas been filmed multiple music videos, advertisements and corporate promotional videos. In 2012, he filmed 4 micro movies in co-operation with Yahoo Hong Kong which attained high hit rate. One of the movie “When Love Encounter” has also selected in 2013 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival — Hong Kong First section. WONG KA YAN is the first film directed by LAU that praised by both Hong Kong and Mainland audience and was selected in multiple film festivals around the world. The film won Golden Palm Awards of First Time Filmmaker in the Mexico International Film Festival.

Festivals and Awards

2018: East Winds Film Festival – Closing Film
2018: The East Winds Film Festival – Audience Awards
2018: Beijing International Film Festival – Forward Future


Wednesday 7th Nov