Director: KIM Dae-hwan
Year: 2017
Duration: 101′
Language: Original Version – Catalan Subtitles
Genre : Drama


The first step of starting a family is to step a side from your own.

Su-hyeon, a teacher at a private art institute and Ji-young, a contract worker at a small network enterprise has been living together for 6 years. To his surprise, Su-hyeon discovers the possibility that Ji-young is pregnant. One evening, the couple decides to go to the new home of Ji-young’s parents in Incheon. The housewarming party becomes complicated when Ji-young’s mother insists that the young couple should get married. At the end of a long day, they try to think about it and sleep. After having avoided his family for a while, Su-hyeon decides to meet with them again. At the end of the meeting, the couple leaves for Samcheok, on the other end of the east coast.

Director’s Biography

While he was studying Film and Digital Media Design at Hongik University, KIM Dae-hwan directed two short films, Picnic (2010) and Interview (2011). Later he directed his first feature film, End of Winter (2014) while he was at Dankook University’s Graduate School of Cinematic Content. End of Winter world premiered in Busan International Film Festival, then was screened in 2015 Berlinale. The First Lap is his 2nd feature film.

Festivals and Awards

2017: Festival de Mar del Plata: Mejor guión


Saturday 3rd Nov