NETPAC  Section

Director: Ahmed Jamal
Year: 2016
Duration: 104′
Language: Original Version / Spanish subtitles
Genre: Drama


A kindly Governor goes into hiding after appointing a younger, puritanical Deputy in his place who is convinced that Lahore needs harsh punishments and strict implementation of laws. Fear grips the city as a young man is condemned to death for get-ting his fiancee pregnant on the accusations of her parents. When his sister Sameena goes to meet the Deputy Governor to beg for mercy, he finds her physically irresistible and asks to sleep with her in exchange for commuting the death sentence on her brother. Sameena has to outwit him, and helped by the ex- Governor, ( disguised as a Sufi fakir) she tries to turn the tables in a gripping climax.

Director’s Biography

Ahmed Jamal studied film at the London International Film School. His feature film ‘Rahm’ based on Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ was released in the UK this year and is set for release in cinemas in France on the 11th of  October 2017.   He recently directed ‘Run for Glory‘ which is entirely cut to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony without dialogue. He produced and wrote ‘Defusing Human Bombs‘ BBC, ARTE and ZDF in Oct 2013.  His documentary  ‘ The Journalist and the Jihadi, the murder of Daniel Pearl’ for HBO got two Emmy nominations in 2008 and won the Indian National Film Award for best documentary, 2008.

Festivals and Awards

LAFF 2017 | Best adapted screenplay
Eastern Eye Arts, Culture & Theatre Awards (ACTA) 2017 | Best actress
Eastern Eye Arts, Culture & Thea-tre Awards (ACTA) 2017 | Nominated for best director
Pakistan 2017 six nominations for 2017 | Nigar Awards


Friday 2nd Nov