Director: Roqiye Tavakoli
Year: 2017
Duration: 84′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama


“Mothering” is a film about two sisters who live in Yazd, a city located in the deserts of Iran. One of the sisters has abandoned her love and the other has been abandoned by hers. As a consequence, it is possible to contemplate the two sides of the conflict in the role of the victim and the executioner. It is also interesting to know in both cases the circumstances of the rupture and the separation, as well as the corresponding locations where the action takes place.

Director’s Biography

Roqiye Tavakoli was born in 1985 in Yazdan holds a BA in Cinema and a MA in Dramatic Literature from Sooreh University in Tehran. Tabvakoli is an instructor and head of department at Yazd Art and Culture University. Tavakoli is a member of the Iranian Short Film Association in Khaneh Cinema. The director has made over 30 short and documentary films presented and acclaimed in over 50 local and international film festivals – awarded at festivals such as Armenia International Women’s Film Festival Kin, Dubai Ibda Awards, Royesh Film Festival, Parvin Etesami Film Festiva and others.

Festivals and Awards

2018: 16th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels
2018: Tirana International Film Festival
2018: Malatya International Film Festival


Friday 9th Nov