Director: Mari Okada
Year: 2018
Duration: 115′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Animation, Drama


This is the story of an irreplaceable time which is woven by two people who are alone. The vertical threads are the days passing by. The horizontal ones are humanity’s lives. Iorph town is far away from the lands where men live and they are the ones who weave the everyday events in a cloth called Hibiol. Maquia is an orphan young woman from Iorph who always feels alone despite she lives peacefully surrounded by her friends. Nevertheless, the peaceful lives from the people of Iorph is interrupted in the moment that the army of Mezarte conquered them since they were searching the blood that allows them to stay young for centuries. In the middle of the despair and the chaos, Maquia bumps into Ariel, a baby who is totally alone after the loss of his parents. Ariel is growing up meanwhile Maquia keeps her youth and, as time goes by, their relationship also changes.

Director’s Biography

Mari Okada was born in 1976, in the prefecture of Saitama. In 1996, she debuted as Video Cinema screenwriter, and since then she works as cinema screenwriter and also for video games or radio series. In 1998 she wrote the screenplay for the anime DT Eightron, and after that she begins with her professional career as screenwriter of successful animes and debuts as director in “Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms”.

Festivals and Awards

2018: Sitges Film Festival (Best Feature Film in the Fantastic Discovery Section)
2018: Annecy International Animation Film Festival
2018: Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
2018: Glasgow Film Festival 2018


Saturday  3rd Nov



Sunday 11th Nov