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Director: Shin Dong-Seok
Year: 2017
Duration: 124
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama


Seong-cheol and Mi-sook run an indoor store in the center of a satellite town situated on the outskirts of the city of Seoul.  Six month ago, their son drowned while he was trying to save a child called Gieyeon during a picnic next to the stream. One day, Seong-cheol sees how Giehyeon is harassed by a teen group and he decides to help him, since his son risked his life to save him. Seong-cheol decides to teach him the discipline of working and to take care of himself. Meanwhile, Mi-sook tries to get pregnant through artificial insemination. However, her desire is not fulfilled and, as a consequence, she finds console in Gieyeon who gets closer to her and ends up being part of the main family’s lives.

Director’s Biography

Shin Dong-Seok graduated from the University of National Arts of Korea and she specialized herself in the film area. Her short films “A Stirring Ripple” (2005) and “Gahee & B.H” (2006) were projected in the International Film Festival of Jeonju and in the Short Film Mise-en-scene Festival where both of them were awarded.  “Last Child” is his first feature film.

Festivals and Awards

68th Berlin International Film Festival (2018)

20th Udine Far East Film festival (2018) [White Mulberry]

22th Busan International Film Festival (2017) [FIPRESCI]

43th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017)


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