Director: Jimmy Henderson
Year: 2017
Duration: 92′
Language: Original Version – Catalan Subtitles
Genre : Action


In Cambodia, the police arrests the gangster Playboy since they believe he is the leader of the Butterfly gang. However, Playboy is only responsible for laundering money and other minor crimes. For that reason, Playboy accepts a plea bargain to disclose the name of the true kingpin. The local police officers Dara, Tharoth and Sucheat and the french officer (Jean-Paul), who is visiting Cambodia, are assigned to escort Playboy to a maximum security prison. Meanwhile, the mafia gives Playboy a reward. But, when the officers deliver Playboy, there is a riot and the prisioners escape from their cells. Now, the new misión for the officers and the security guard that is fighting for ther lives.

Director’s Biography

Jimmy Henderson is an italian self-taught filmmaker who has been working in London and Cambodia for the last 10 years. He has been involved in producing, directing, cinematography and editing. He moved to Cambodia in 2011 and started working on two local drama movies and a TV show.

Festivals and Awards

2017: Sitges Film Festival, Spain.
2018: Fantastic fest, Austin, Texas.
2018: Singapore International film festival, Singapore.


Monday  5th Nov