Bangla Desh


Director: Fakhrul Arefeen Khan
Year: 2017
Duration: 118′
Language: Original Version – Catalan Subtitles
Genre: Drama


The story is based on a true story of a freedom fighter who didn’t love to involve himself in the war as warrior. The story starts in 1970 in East Pakistan and ends in Bangladesh in 2013 some days before the historic election in 1970 in East Pakistan. Meanwhile Nahir was studying in Kushtia (the nearest district town) the ongoing countrywide movement for Independence and the elections emerged. But what really was in his mind was the theatre and Farida Begum, a friend of his cousin who belonged to a political family. Farida, moved by the victory in the ’70’s elections pushed Nahir to feel the same way as her. For that reason, Nahir could not keep himself away from the call for independence from the unwillingness of the Pakistanis to hand over power to the winning parties. Nahir will be attacked by the Pakistani occupational forces on the 25th of march. So, he decided to take training lessons as the first batch of Freedom Fighters and, due to that reason he was in charge to kill the infamous War Criminal Aslam in Pragpur. But, at the moment he saw Aslam’s innocent Little child, he was not able to throw the greade. In consequence, he was injured and his team leader killed. Without no motivation to continue the war, Nahir will find out that Farida was raped and tortured by Aslam, which made Nahir capture Aslam’s bodyguards and kill Aslam. That was the rise of the Freedom Fighter Nahir.

Director’s Biography

Fakhrul Arefeen Khan is a visionary independent filmaker. He was a student of International Affairs at Jahangirnagar University but National award-winning documentary Al Badr marked Arefeen’s entry into the film industry.

Festivals and Awards

2017: National Film Grant from the Ministry of Information, Bangladesh.
2018: Rainbow Film Festival.


Friday  2nd Nov