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Jury of the Cathay Pacific Award

Young Jury | Cinema schools of Barcelona


The Awards are given by the juries to each section to:

Best Film Award

Best Director Award

Best Screenplay Award

Other awards and special mentions might occasionally be given by the juries in some cases, except from the NETPAC Jury Award.


Jury of the Official Section to Competition

Briccio Santos, Li Zhenhua, Galbayar Dashkhuu, Domingo López & Mohammad Rahmanian

Briccio Santos

Manila, filmmaker and Film ASEAN’s president.

Briccio Santos is a director and a writer, known for “Ala Verde, Ala Pobre” (2005), “Ala Suerte, Ala Muerte” (2007) and “Anino ng Setyemre” (2006). He is currently the president of Film ASEAN, composed of 10 agencies for film and audiovisual industries in the ASEAN region. In the mid 70’s, after returning from Germany, he made one of his firsts films”, like “Damortis,which will be screened during the festival and that still remains as one of the most emblematic movies of the Independent Philippine Cinema. He chaired the Film Development Council of the Philippines for 6 years (2010-2016) and developed an important role in regrad with the preservation and restauration of the National Film Archives. In 2013, French President François Hollande knighted Santos as Chevalier dans l’Ordre de la Légion d’Honneur for his advocacy of promoting Philippine culture through cinema.

Li Zhenhua

Li Zhenhua is a Beijing/Zurich-based multi-media artist, curator, writer and producer for international and Chinese contemporary culture. He is the founding-director of Beijing Art Lab, a virtual and physical platform for art, research, and exchange, as well as of Mustard Seed Garden. He is currently head-curator of Art Basel Hong Kong’s Film section. Since 2010 he is nominator for the Summer Academy at the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern (Switzerland), as well as for The Prix Pictet (Switzerland). He was a member of the International Advisory Board for ‘Digital Revolution’ at the Barbican Centre in 2014, jury-member for the Transmediale Award in 2010 and advisor for Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Science and Technology. He has produced the first international new media art festival MAAP, at Beijing Millennium Museum in 2002 and brought the London festival ‘onedotzero moving image’ to Beijing’s Today Art Gallery in 2004.

Galbayar Dashkhuu

Mongolia, Director of the film “Hers”

He was born on July 15th, 1980 in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. From 1988 to 1998, he attended general education school. In 2000, he enrolled in the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture as a drama major and graduated in 2004. Since 2003, he has been working as the executive chief and general director of the “GO ADVENTURE” studio. He has worked in many projects as a general director and as a writer in cinema and theatre. In 2009, he directed the romantic comedy film “Love Record” and “Spy Dad” in 2013, among others. He has performed as an actor and lead character in some of his productions, including “Sensational” (2015). In theatre, he has presented some titles, such as “My secret son” (2011), a theatrical drama play. The film Dashkhuu is presenting in the current festival is “Hers” (2016).

Domingo López

Domingo López is a programmer of the Nits de Cinema Oriental Festival and member of the programming committee of the Sitges- Insternational Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. It is also the author of “Made in Hong Kong” the first book about Hong Kong’s cinema published in Spain , "Wild Wild East" or "Kung Fu Girls", published in collaboration with the HKTDC. He is also a contributor to several publications, such as ScifiWorld or 2000 Maniacos. In addition, he was co-founder of CineAsia and director of the magazine named after it. He directed the Hollybrut program on Paramount Channel and a large number of short films.

Mohammad Rahmanian

He was born in Iran in 1962. He has BA in Drama, College of Fine Arts, Tehran University, (1991) and a MA in Drama, College of Cinema and Theater, Art University (1998). Writer, director and professor of theater since 1981, directed several adaptations for the television of authors like Nikolai Gogol, Arthur Miller, Jean-Paul Sartre and Neil Simone. Bench Cinema is his first feature film. He is also among the most influential artists in Iranian theatre being one of the most talked-about theatre directors of post-revolutionary Iran. His works include ‘Interview’, ‘Rooster’, ‘Bridge’, ‘Cho’s Manifest‘ and ’The Island’.

Jury of the Panorama Section

Carlota Moseguí, Taishir Bayasgalan, Andy Lo, Dastan Zhapar Uulu,

Bakytbek Mukul & Alexis Racionero

Carlota Moseguí


Carlota Moseguí (Barcelona, 1991) made herself known among literary bloggers thanks to her blog “The girl you lost to cocaine”, a space of literary review, citation and microessay, born from the assistance of Moseguí to the yearly course Review and Report given by the writer Jordi Carrión at the the Pompeu Fabra University. Besides her labour as a reviewer and writer (she has published some short stories and poems in spaces such as Eñe and Tenían veinte años y estaban locos), she is also a kind of a literary it girl, whose ancient Forming was on fire, whose current Instagram is filled with books and drunkenness, and whose Plastic card is stuffed of crazy nights around the city of Barcelona.

Taishir Bayasgalan

Producer of the film “Gangster Girls“.

Taihir Bayasgalan is a Mongolian producer who has a lot of experience in working in the fields of cinema and television. He graduated in the NI Academy Mongolia in a bachelor degree of Law and Foreign Relations and in 2012, he graduated on a Master dregree in Business Administration. He has worked as a producer in several cinematographic projects, including “Bossy Girls” (2016), “The girl in a wedding dress” (2017), “One above all” (2017) or “Unique face” (2017). In the field of television series, he has participated in the projects “Funny role” (2017), “+17” (2017) and “Mongolian Psychic Challenge” (2017).

Andy Lo

A Hong Kong Film Award-nominated screenwriter, Andy Lo is known for his comedic films such as “My Name is Fame”. This time working as both the writer and director, his goal was to make a more realistic story.His film ¨Happiness¨ won the 7th Golden Lotus Awards and 36th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Dastan Zhapar uulu

Sharing vote with Bakytbek Mukul

Dastan Zhapar uulu is a filmmaker from Kyrgyzstan, born in 1988. Graduated from the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts in the Theatre and Cinema Faculty and he is a member of the Union of Filmmakers of the Kyrgyz Republic. He was awarded the Сertificate of Honor of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Among other films, he is the scriptwriter and director of the film “Atanyn kereezi" (“A Father’s will)

Bakytbet Mukul

Sharing vote with Dastan Zhapar uulu

Bakyt Mukul is an actor and a film director from Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1965. Graduated in Theater School with a degree in drama and film actor, he is a member of the Union of Filmmakers of the Kyrgyz Republic and Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic. He is the scriptwriter and director of the film screened in this year’s edition of the Asian Film Festival. Barcelona, Atanyn kereezi" (A Father’s will).

Alexis Racionero

Alexis Racionero Rangué is a traveler, historiographer, writer and documentlist. He is specialized in Asia, eastern philosophies and American counterculture. He is a cinema professor in ESCAC and also in Kundilini yoga. He has shot several documentaries such as “Rubbersoul”, a hippie trip to India and “Railway to Heaven”, crossing from Beijing to Tibet. He has published many books such as “Shanti, shanty” (Livingstone), “El ansia de vagar” (RBA) or the recent “Darshan, sabiduría oriental para la vida cotidiana” (Kairós).

Jury of the NETPAC Section sponsored by We are Water

Park Sungho, Esteban Andueza, Sergio Racanati, Owen Astles & Junya Ishii

Park Sungho


Park Sungho was born in Busan, South Korea. He studied western painting and graduated from Cheongju University. He married Lee Jiyoung and has got two children. He is part of KBS‘s 13th class of comedians, passing the test in 1997 and debuting on Gag Concert in 2000, making him the comedian with the highest seniority on the show. He gained fame playing the popular character, "Gyaru Sang" and other segments on Gag Concert. He was a cast member for the first season of The Human Condition. He also appeared on the latter show’s first anniversary episode. He was a professor at Seoul National University in 2007.

Esteban Andueza

Esteban Andueza is a cultural manager, independent curator and art researcher experienced in cultural exchange between China and Spain. BA in Oriental Studies and MA in Research and Management of Contemporary Art, he lives in Beijing since 2007 and has been involved in the development and organization of cultural projects for public institutions, museums and art centers for over 10 years. He worked as International Projects Director at Bejing’s Iberia Center of Contemporary Art, and served as the Cultural Manager of Instituto Cervantes in Beijing, the Spanish Cultural Center in China. From 2014 he works as freelance by organizing and curating art exhibitions, film series and cultural programs. Recently he is deeply engaged in the presentation of worldwide renowned Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas in China. He organized and co-curated the exhibition Muntadas Video Works that is showing until December 2017 in OCAT Museum (Shanghai), and he is preparing the launch of Muntadas. Asian Protocols, a project of artistic research that deals on the cultural idiosyncrasies of China, Japan and South Korea, that will be shown in Beijing and Chengdu in 2018.

Sergio Racanati

The topics of his artistic career has followed the study and analysis of creative practices related to the urban, social, political and architectural contexts. His projects involving issues of public sphere, community political behavior, the relationship between individual and collective memory, are constructed with some artistic tools (performance, situations, installations, video, film). “The point of my work is an interest in the social history of man in relation to its urban, political and architectural environments. I analyze lateral and forgotten elements, reflecting on the relationship between the urban landscape and civil development, including the history and political behavior, to reread the present time “. Among the recent artistic residences to whom the artist has participated, included: Museo Pino Pascali / Polignano a Mare (2014); Harvard University curated by Marcus Owens (2013), Z33 Contemporary Museum, (2012), Performance Space in London, Edge Zones Foundation in Miami curated by Charo Oquet, promoted by GAI and Ministerio dei Beni e delle Attivita’ Culturali e del Turismo (2013). Sergio Racanati is the winner of the Performance Art section at the New York Biennial directed by Pietro Franesi and co-curated by Vjitaly Patsyukov and Lu Hao (2013), also participates in the Biennale del Mediterraneo (2012), at the 7th Berlin Biennale, within the "Preoccupied" project at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlino_D (2013) and the Bienal del Fin del Mundo / Mar del Plata.

Owen Astles

United Kingdom, cinematographer and director of Pastles Productions.

Owen is a Bristish cinematographer who is currently working in Barcelona. He has experience in working on documentaries, music videos and narrative videos. He is very interested in working on the social subject; recently, he has finished a feature film about homeless people, called “Sleeping Rough”, and these days he is working on the post-production of a short film about mental health in boxing sport, “The Hardest Fight”. He is also the director of Pastles Productions, a video company that produces films and videos for music groups and charities.

Junya Ishii

Dancer, leading actor of the film “2045 Carnival Folklore”. Junya Ishii was born in Saitama in 1983 and grew up in Mexico-city and Toronto. He has been working across the fields of dance, theatre and film. His interest is to discover the state of consciousness and unconsciousness, state of being through the body and its perception. His basic practice is to find the middle ground to live and create through the comparative study of literature, art and nature through the East, the West and the periphery. Since 2009, he has been working for Regional Creative Atelier Josef Nadj, in Kanjiza, Serbia, to dance for the pieces choreographed by Josef Nadj. He recently started independent distribution company PLATAUX, to organize 2045 Carnival Folklore live screening tour.

Jury of the Cathay Pacific Award

Sandra Mur, Nayana Truñó, Clara Fabregat, Baohan Zhang,

Andrea Cobo, Raul Sánchez & Terutarô Osanaï

Sandra Mur

Graduated in Slavic Philology and with a master in Specialized Communication in the cultural sphere. Expert in art, literature, cinema and central Asian languages, she is nowadays the President of the Cultural Association of Euroasian Studies “Altái”.

Nayana Truñó

Graduated in Social and cultural Anthropology in the University of Barcelona and the Université de Liège (Belgium). Her career shows her great interest in the fields of dance, music and cinema whithin the world of culture(s).

Clara Fabregat

Clara Fabregat is studying Humanities. She is a cinema lover, she has lived one year in Australia and has travelled many times around the south-eastern Asia. Nowadays, she combines her studies with her job as a museum guide and her internship in Casa Asia.

Baohan Zhang

Based in Barcelona, Master in Culture Comunication&Production,Multi language speaker,I’ve visited more than 28 countries.

Andrea Cobo

Andrea Cobo is a last course student in Humanities, in Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, and she is specialized in Modern and Contemporary Studies. She combines her studies with her Japanese lessons. She has lived in Japan for one year as an exchange student in the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Raúl Sánchez

Raul Sanchez is a cinematographer born in Barcelona. He has directed and staged several short films, spots and music videos. Nowadays, she is studying at the ESCAC in the specialization of staging.

Terutarô Osanai

Associate Producer of the film ¨Bangkok Nites¨. Terutaro Osanai has produced the film “Bangkok Nites”, screened in this year’s Edition of the Asian Film Festival. Barcelona, directed by Katsuya Tomita.

Young Jury | Cinema schools of Barcelona

Daniel Belenguer, David Colete, Violeta García, Mateu Sagarra & Erik Vicente

Daniel Belenguer

Young Jury President

Daniel Belenguer is a fourth year student in Cinema and Audiovisual media in ESCAC in the specialisation of Audiovisual Screenplay. He has received a SGAE Foundation scholarship and he aims to work as a professional critic, analyst and cinematography professor.

David Colete (ECIB)

Violeta Garcí (EMAV)

Mateu Sagarra (ESCAC)

Erik Vicente (EMAV)


Official Section to Competition

  • Best Film Award: Ta’ang | Bing Wang | Hong Kong, France & China | 2016 | 146’
  • Best Director Award: Happiness | Andy Lo | Hong Kong | 2016 | 114’
  • Best Screenplay Award: Dawn of the felines | Kazuya Shiraishi | Japan | 2016 | 84’
  • Best Cinematography Award: Bangkok Nites | Katsuya Tomita | Thailand & Japan | 2016 | 183’
  • Special Mention: Baby beside me | Son Tae Gyum | South Korea | 2016 | 112’ 
  • Special Mention to the Actresses: Anoma Janadari (Burning Birds), Kara Wai (Happiness)


Panorama Section

  • Best Film Award: Wolf and sheep | Shahrbanoo | Afghanistan | 2016 | 86’
  • Best Director Award: A house of 41st street | Hamid Reza | Iran | 2016 | 90’
  • Best Screenplay Award: Mad World | Wong Chun | Hong Kong | 2016 | 101’
  • Best Cinematography Award: Districts | Akan Satayev | Kazakhstan | 2016 | 90’
  • Special Mention: Railway children | Prithvi Konanur | India | 2016 | 120’


NETPAC Section sponsored by We are Water

  • Best Film Award: Diamond island | Davy Chou | Cambodja | 2016 | 101’
  • Special Mention: Children of Genghis | Zolbayar Dorj | Mongolia | 2017 | 101’


Young Jury | Cinema schools of Barcelona

  • Best Film Award: A Flickering Truth | Pietra Brettkelly | New Zealand | 2015 | 91’
  • Best Director Award: Autumn, Autumn | Jang Woo-Jin | South Korea | 2016 | 77’
  • Best Screenplay Award: Houra | Asim Raza | Pakistan | 2016 | 170’


Cathay Pacific Awards

  • Best Film Award: Memoir of a murderer | Won Shin-yun | Korea | 2017 | 118’
  • Best Director Award: A father’s will | Dastan Zhapar Uulu & Bakytbek Mukul | Kyrgystan | 2016 | 120’
  • Best Screenplay Award: Mad World | Wong Chun | Hong Kong | 2016 | 101’
  • Best Cinematography Award: Children of Genghis | Zolbayar Dorj | Mongolia | 2017 | 101’


Audience Award

  • Best Film Award: Memoir of a murderer | Won Shin-yun | Korea | 2017 | 118’
  • Finalists:
    A house of 41st street | Hamid Reza | Iran | 2016 | 90’
    Hers | Galbayar Dashkhuu | Mongolia | 2017 | 83’