Films of Asia

From 22nd October 2017 to 30th January 2018.

Casa Asia, in collaboration with Barcelona County Council, presents the project Films of Asia, through which Asian author cinema approaches towns of the province of Barcelona, films that are not usually present on commercial circuits or only minority.

In the last term of 2017, Casa Asia, in collaboration with Barcelona County Council and city councils and cultural associations of Bigues i Riells, Castellterçol, La Garriga, Gavà, l’Hospitalet, Igualada, Manresa, Mataró, Premià De Mar, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Terrassa and Vilafranca, organises its author cinema film series.

A project through which we try to approach the cultures of this large continent to Catalan population, in order to spread cinematographic culture of the Asian continent, at the same time it promotes the development of activities that encourage a social approach to interculturality. Knowing that there are commonly shared narrations and individual narrations, as well as group and personal experiences that could be saved by their transmission, the approach to other cultures finds in cinema an exception. In fact, these narratives -in long and short stories- communicate us through different media such as literature, cinema, plastic and visual arts, stage arts and witnesses that are gathered of authors, artists and film makers, the works discover local worlds in a global knowledge system. However, films are a great media for this purpose, because movement image is a universal language.

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