Director: Jiang Jiachen
Year: 2018
Duration: 100′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama


A rousing dog and men comedy composed only by 61 shots, and set in Shenyang in northeastern China, where people argue continuously. The film takes off from the premises of an student losing his professor’s dog. Due to that reason, he needs to enlist his father’s help to retrieve it, lest his prospects of a tutorship vanishes. A biting satire on every conceivable ill in modern Society, and an endearing portrait of a father-and-son relationship.

Director’s Biography

Jiang Jiachen was born in 1984 in Shenyang. After his graduation from LunXun Academy of Fine Arts, he becomes a teacher of the academy. He directed two short films including The Dog Days (2004) and The Thieves (2005), and was the screenwriter for short films including The Imprisoned Man (2012), Lost (2013), Professor Niu’s Secret (2014) and Dormitory No.32 (2015).

Festivals and Awards

2018, Hong Kong International Film Festival – World Premiere
2018, Beijing International Film Festival
2018, Shanghai International Film Festival – New Asian Talent Awards – won Best Actor (DING XIHE).
2018, New York Asian Film Festival.

Before this session, the short film “EL HILO ROJO” by Xiaomei Espiro will be projected.


Thursday 8th Nov