Director: Do Nam
Year: 2018
Duration: 90′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre: Drama


Tung Nhan is living with his possessive girlfriend, Phuong Thuy. One morning, a woman arrives at their doorstep with an 8 years old boy, Phan Nhan / Bin. The woman gives Tung Nhan a letter, which reveals that the boy is in fact his son with Mai Chi, his ex-sweetheart. Mai Chi admits in her letter that she was arrested and asks Tung Nhan to take care of the boy while she is gone.  He refuses it but he goes to visit her in jail. She admits that she only has reached out for him because she has no other close relatives to take care of her son. Tung Nhan sympathises with the boy and he decides to look for him. When he finds out the mother is working in the city and that the boy is staying daily in an orphanage he decides to visit him. Some time later, Tung Nhan accepts the boy. Nevertheless, Phuong Thuy does not accept him and that is why she is kicked out of the house. After a while, Mai Chi admits that Bin could possibly be Phan Quang’s son and they decide that Bin would have a better future if the boy moves to France with him. However, when Phan Quang sees the warm chemistry between Bin and Tung Nhan he decides that it would be better if they stay together.

Director’s Biography

Do Nam was born in 1990, a young film director. Studied in K10 Movie and Stage University, Vietnam. He’s director for some short films and TVC commercials.
Here Comes The Sun is the 1st feature film director.

Festivals and Awards

De la misma compañía que “Here Comes the Sun” (Hong Hac Media – Production) – “Glorious time in Me Thao Hamlet”
2006: Bergamo Film Festival
2007: Vietnamese Film Festival in Poland


Sunday 11th Nov