Director: Chand R.C
Year: 2017
Duration: 118′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Feature Film


The film weaves together the personal stories and journeys of seven different
characters, all pursing some sort of validation or growth in the fast changing times. As each character moves forward in the film, their stories start to overlap and flow into each other, presenting the city of Thimphu as a raw, beautiful and chaotic microcosm of life and humanity.

Director’s Biography

Chand R.C was born in 1975, in Bhutan. He is a self- taught Bhutanese filmmaker and intends to tell stories that explore the Bhutanese society. His first future film; Gawa, was based on a true story about the ill effects of social practice of night hunting in Bhutan. Gawa was supported by RENEW and UN agencies due to the its urgent and worthy messages and became the first film to be endorsed by the Ministry of Education in the country. Thimphu is his second feature film and got selected in the Global Cinema Corner in the 15th Pune International Film Festival and MELBOURNE Indian International Film Festival in August 2017.

Festivals and Awards

Global Cinema corner in the 15th Pune International Film Festival
MELBOURNE Indian International Film festival 2017


Sunday 11th Nov