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Director: Chan Ka Keong
Year: 2017
Duration: 92′
Language: Original Version / Spanish subtitles
Genre: Drama


Three-year-old Keong has long prepared for his moon landing project. But it almost unintentionally kills Chan Li, the penniless and miserable betting agent. Ka-man is having an affair with her teacher, which makes her worry about losing everything. Frankie, the guy Ka-man brushed past constantly, gradually turns out to be her guardian angel. Honest family man Kevin is expecting his wife to give birth to their first baby very soon, but unexpectedly runs into seductive Mimi, a prostitute who came to Macao to earn a living… Each of the six characters has their own bad days. Every scene of exceptional life situations comes as suddenly as a passing rain. All these coincidences happen in a small city, full of extraordinary greed and rage, love and desire, in which everyone takes their chance.

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Thursday 8th Nov