Indonesia | Singapore


Director: Dejenar Maesa Ayu
Year: 2015
Duration: 80′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama


Nay, (Sha Ine Febriyanti) is an actress who has just discovered that she is eleven weeks pregnant. Nay conveys this to her boyfriend Ben, a mommy’s boy, who turns out to be more concerned with his mother than their own child. This has made it difficult for Nay to make a decision that should by right be taken by both of them. Nay’s situation is further complicated by the fact that she has been offered the leading role in an International film production. Nay eventually confides her dilemma to her manager, Adjeng, who strongly disagrees with her that she should miss a golden opportunity for the sake of the child in her. In a car journey, Nay has to juggle with the options, face the facts and unmask the true human nature of the people closest to her. Inevitably Nay has to face her past. The father figure she has never gotten to know. And the mother figure that has once so disappointed her.

Director’s Biography

Djenar was born in Jakarta, 14 January 1973. She has so far published four collections of short stories: “They Say I’m A Monkey”, “Don’t Play Around (with your genitals)”, “Short Stories About Stories About Brief Love”, “One Woman 14 Men”, “T(w)ITIT!”, “SAIA” and a novel, “Nayla”. Her short story, “Suckling Father” won the best short story award from Jurnal Perempuan in 2003, whereas “Nayla’s Time” won the best short story award from Kompas in the same year. Aside from writing, Djenar has also directed “They Say I’m A Monkey!” (2008) and “SAIA” (2009). She and Indra Herlambang won Best Adaptation Screen Award and got a Special Mention for Best New Directorfrom Indonesian Film Festival 2009. Djenar’s third film, “Nay”, was released in November 2015. It won the Best Asian Film award from Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival in December 2015. Her fourth film “hUSh”, is a collaboration with Singapore’s filmmaker, Kan Lumé, under the flagship of Rumah Karya Sjuman & Chapter Free production houses. “hUSh” is nominated for Best Asian Feature Film in Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2016.

Festivals and Awards

Festival Film Indonesia 2016 | Nominee Best Actress
Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2015 | NETPAC Award


Sunday 11th Nov